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Easily Allow More Oxygen, Water & Vital Nutrients

While most proud home owners focus on watering, fertilizing and mowing their own lawn to keep it looking good, there’s one more vital step that can make an “average” lawn look downright extraordinary. And this step or process is called Lawn Aeration. By allowing the lawn care professionals here at Carefree Systems to take care of this process for you, not only will it save you a lot of time, money and frustration, but the end result will be a fresh and healthy green lawn that you’ll be proud of.

What Is Lawn Aeration Benefits?

Lawn Aeration (also known as “Core Aeration”) is the process of mechanically puncturing holes into the soil of your lawn. When this happens, it also removes small cores of soil called “plugs” from your lawn and allows for an increase in the amount of water, air and nutrients needed to break through the build-up of lawn thatch. This buildup of thatch makes it difficult for your lawn to not only breath, but to fully absorb water and the vital nutrients it really needs to thrive. Thanks to proper Lawn Aeration, fertilizer can also easily seep and permeate into the most vital root zone of your lawn in order to help it flourish and grow in a very healthy way.

Questions About Aeration

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When Is The Best Time To Aerate Your Lawn?

Lawn Aeration should be done during two seasons: spring and fall. In the spring, as soon as the soil has had time to properly thaw from the cold of winter, you should have Carefree Systems aerate your lawn. Spring is the prime growing season of the year, so it makes sense to not only aerate at this time, but because of the acceleration of growth of your lawn, any holes left over from aeration will also be easily filled in by new growth. The other season you should aerate your lawn is during the fall.

What Is Overseeding & Is It Necessary?

Overseeding is the simple process of adding fresh new grass seed to existing grass areas within your own lawn. At Carefree Systems, we us our own custom-blended grass seeds to not only improve the health and beauty of your lawn, but to also ensure that you will have a filled-out lawn that will also keep you protected from insect damage and even lawn disease! When you combine overseeding with our expert lawn aeration and fertilization services, we can guarantee you’ll have one of the best lawns on the entire block!

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