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What Is Lawn Fertilization?

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Let’s face it, a healthy green lawn is something that not only helps showcase your own residence (along with allowing your lawn to become the envy of your neighbors), but it can also make you feel good on the inside. But a vibrant and thriving green lawn doesn’t happen all by itself. It takes a little personal TLC and proper feeding to make it grow and prosper. This is where the experts at Carefree Systems can step in and offer you the reliable and expert lawn fertilization services you need to feed your lawn the right way, with only the richest nutrients it really needs.

What Is Lawn Fertilization?

Lawn fertilization is the process of integrating the best nutrients your lawn needs at the soil level. With a rich fertilized soil that’s loaded with much-needed nutrients, combined with abundant sunshine and ample water, your lawn will not only grow faster and healthier, but it’ll also look healthier with vibrant green color. Not only is lawn fertilization cost effective and a great investment to keep your lawn looking green and healthy, but it also helps protect your lawn from damaging pests, inclement weather, and other foes that can destroy it in a very short amount of time.

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Why Invest In Fertilization?

The truth is, without providing proper nourishment in the form of rich fertilizer, your lawn will struggle to remain healthy and green. You can think of lawn fertilization as the perfect “all in one” multi-vitamin that’s completely tailored with the right nutrients that your lawn needs and demands for healthy living. Here at Carefree Systems, we only use the most effective and safest fertilizer for all your lawn fertilization needs. Thanks to the slow-release formula of our fertilizer, your lawn will get all the proper nutrients it needs on a regular basis to keep it healthy, robust and looking its absolute best!

How Can We Help?

Here To Help Your Lawn

When it comes to taking care of your lawn not only the right way, but the most convenient way, it’s best to leave it up to the real experts here at Carefree Systems. We know what your lawn really needs when it comes to lawn fertilization in order to make it look its very best. We have over 30+ years of dedicated experience in lawn care, have served hundreds of loyal customers and we also deliver fast and friendly service.

Our Recommendations

We suggest lawn fertilization in the spring, early summer, mid-summer, early fall winterizer application. We also highly suggest and recommend grub control during the summertime as well in order to keep your lawn even more protected and healthy.

Weed Control Application

Weed control will also be applied during every fertilizer application. This will be advanced weed control to kill off the toughest weeds like: Clovers, Creeping Charlie’s and Crabgrass.

Our Guarantee To You

We’re not satisfied unless you’re fully satisfied. This is why we offer a 14-Day Standard Service Guarantee to all of those who invest in our lawn fertilization services. We stand behind our work, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

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