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Carefree Systems proudly serves the Naperville and Plainfield communities for all their residential sprinkler installation needs. While we are best known for our residential and commercial sprinkler systems, we provide everything from pond treatments and lawn aeration to outdoor landscape lighting. Homeowners throughout Chicagoland know how challenging our seasons can be. Understanding the Midwest’s unique climate and providing top-notch outdoor care is what we do best. If you live in Naperville or Plainfield, we would love to introduce you to our services and explain how we can help your lawn and landscaping thrive.
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- Lawn Maintenance Services -

*No sprinkler ‘service’ to new non-Carefree installs. We are doing new installations of sprinkler systems! Please check back for updates.*

The Naperville and Plainfield, IL regions are some of our favorite places to work. Their family-oriented atmospheres take us away from the busy city hustle and bustle. But, with each beautiful neighborhood comes the need for important lawn care maintenance and upkeep. Some of our most popular services to help you prevent, maintain, and winterize include:

Residential & Commercial Sprinklers

Schedule your free consultation with our Naperville sprinkler installation team today. Regardless of what time of year it is or if you already have an existing irrigation system – your yard can benefit from our team’s 30+ years of experience. Optimize your yard with our Spring Start-up package, install a brand-new system, or winterize your sprinklers to prevent them from freezing during our blustery Plainfield winters. Carefree Systems will draft a plan, install, and maintain all sprinkler heads, valves, and controllers properly.

Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Testing

Protect your home and family from unwanted drinking water contaminants in the Naperville and Plainfield areas. RPZ testing is important when unintended water supply pressure drops occur in public water systems. Carefree experts can inspect and repair your backflow water supply devices to avoid any potential threats.

Lawn Aeration

There is nothing like a healthy, robust lawn and it begins with proper nutrient absorption provided by aeration services by Carefree Systems. Naperville and Plainfield residents have called on us for over three decades to break up thatched yards and allow grass to thrive. 


Unfortunately, rain and sun do not produce lush green lawns on their own, it takes properly timed feeding and nutrients. The Carefree Systems team provides Plainfield and Naperville communities with its perfectly blended lawn fertilization formula on an appropriate weekly rotation so grass remains strong and healthy all year long. 

- Chicagoland Outdoor Services -

From beautiful commercial fountains to preventative pest sprays, Carefree Systems brings a full array of home and business outdoor essentials to Plainfield and Naperville, IL. Arguably one of the most unpredictable weather locations in the United States, living in Illinois near Lake Michigan brings with it challenges from all four seasons. Carefree Systems has been perfecting its craft for over three decades and understands how to face such challenges through aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly outdoor solutions.

Fountains & Aerators

Keep your commercial water features free of algae, foul smells, and weeds with our fountains and aerators. Naperville and Plainfield business owners will love their many eco-friendly benefits plus how attractive they are when placed in pools, entryways, and ponds.

Pond Treatments

The ecosystem of a commercial or residential pond can change throughout the year so make sure your water feature is attractive and ready to delight your guests at all times with the help of Carefree Systems. Our pond maintenance and treatments can turn Plainfield and Naperville ponds and lakes into beautiful blue sanctuaries free from algae and weeds.  

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Whether your outdoor lighting needs are for safety or beauty, Carefree Systems can deliver. If you live in Naperville or Plainfield, your home should look as good at night as it does during the day. We install only the highest quality outdoor landscape lighting and maintain and repair it, guaranteed.

Mosquito Barrier Sprays

Keep those flying summer pests away during your weekly backyard barbeques in Plainfield and Naperville! For over a decade, Carefree Systems has been an authorized MistAway Systems dealer. Our Chicagoland mosquito barrier spray services offer continuous protection all season long and can be monitored through your smartphone. Lasting nearly a month, our barrier sprays protect you and your loved ones from these potentially dangerous bugs and are available as a one-time service for your next outdoor special occasion. 

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