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Two of our favorite areas to serve are Downers Grove and Oak Brook. Convenient suburbs with welcoming communities, their residents always welcome Carefree Systems with open arms. We proudly offer residential and commercial sprinkler services along with a full suite of outdoor maintenance options to homeowners and business owners alike. Given the challenges that come with Midwest seasons, providing expert landscaping care is our primary focus all season long.
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- Lawn Maintenance Services -

*No sprinkler ‘service’ to new non-Carefree installs. We are doing new installations of sprinkler systems! Please check back for updates.*

Whether you live in Downs Grove or Oak Brook, please read on to understand how our team of expert lawn and pond technicians can repair, maintain, and winterize your home or office. For over three decades, Carefree Systems has been proudly serving the cities of Oak Brook and Downers Grove. While our residential and commercial sprinkler services may be the most popular call we receive, we also offer an entire line-up of lawn maintenance options. You’ve made a large investment in your landscaping, now allow us to help you maintain it through the following services:

Residential & Commercial Sprinklers

Are you looking to upgrade your existing irrigation unit or install one from scratch? Regardless of your home or office’s current situation, Carefree Systems would love to give you a free estimate. Our team has been installing residential and commercial sprinkler systems throughout Downers Grove and Oak Brook for over thirty years. We will draft a plan, consult with you and your team, then maintain sprinkler heads, valves, and controllers going forward. Sit back and relax knowing your lawn will remain green and lush all season.

Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Testing

Required by Illinois law, RPZ testing is crucial to protect you and your family from unwanted drinking water contaminants. Water supply pressure drops are a real thing in Downers Grove and Oak Brook so be sure to schedule your inspections with Carefree Systems’ team of experts today.

Lawn Aeration

Healthy, thriving grass begins from the bottom up. Remove unwanted top-thatch that block fertilizer from reaching your grass roots with Carefree Systems’ lawn aeration services. Oak Brook and Downers Grove residents have turned to us to set up a proper fertilization foundation for over three decades.


While the weather can often be beautiful in Oak Brook and Downers Grove, a lush green lawn requires more than just sunshine. Carefree Systems offers residents a proprietary blend of nutrients on a correct schedule that maximizes grass and sod growth. With our fertilization options, your landscape will thrive and impress throughout the year from a company you can trust.

- Chicagoland Outdoor Services -

A company founded on great customer service and integrity, we at Carefree Systems encourage all Downers Grove and Oak Brook residents to also learn about our other outdoor services. From pond treatments to gorgeous commercial fountains, we continue to focus on eco-friendly solutions that deliver on the promise. With so many unpredictable weather challenges in the Midwest, outdoor landscaping prevention and maintenance services are a must. Take a closer look at the many options Carefree Systems provides.

Fountains & Aerators

Commercial and residential water features should delight guests which is why our fountains and aerators cycle water to minimize stagnation. Keep Downers Grove and Oak Brook pools, entryways, and ponds free of algae and foul smells with our attractive, eco-friendly suite of fountains and aeration options.

Pond Treatments

Algae and weeds can wreak havoc on ponds when water remains untreated. Businesses and homeowners look to Carefree Systems for eco-friendly treatments that keep water its natural blue color and foul smells away. Your guests will be impressed with your commercial and residential water features when they are operating at their highest level. We offer Downers Grove and Oak Brook stress-free pond maintenance programs that deliver results.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Adding outdoor, nighttime lighting to any home or office can increase its beauty as well as its safety. Our lighting installation technicians are standing by to offer Downers Grove and Oak Brook residents free estimates today.

Mosquito Barrier Sprays

As a certified MistAway Systems dealer, Carefree Systems can be trusted for over a decade to apply continuous mosquito protection all season. Easily monitored through an app on your smartphone, our Chicagoland barrier sprays will protect you and your loved ones from these possibly harmful insects. Planning a special outdoor occasion? We also offer one-time barrier spray services lasting up to 28 days.

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