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Will County Courthouse Project

Chicago Commercial Sprinkler System Project

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Project Recap

Project Recap by Carefree

Will County Courthouse in Joliet, IL is a new state of the art building right next door to the original courthouse. Carefree installed a Rain Bird Drip Line System on the ground level and a Rain Bird Pressure Regulated Spray Irrigation for the 3rd and 5th floor.  Will County Courthouse is a Watertronics Sky Harvester system with Progressive Pumps Ozone generator to purify the incoming rain water before it is used for irrigation. A complex system that required two pumps inside a 17 ft. wet well that is attached to an underground detention system. The ozone generator pumps rain water into its chambers where it is mix with ozone (O3). The ozone water is then pumped back into the detention system to remove any harmful bacteria and viruses.  Design by Landtech.