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Spring Start Ups

Properly Turn Your Carefree Sprinkler System On in Chicagoland!

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Help Your Lawn Flourish with Spring Start-Ups

Springtime sets the stage for how your landscaping will look for the rest of the season. Help your lawn and garden thrive – work with Carefree Lawn Sprinklers Inc. and schedule your Spring Start-Up to make sure your sprinklers are up and running! Not only will proper irrigation and care help your yard look great for the remainder of the year – it’ll also help ensure the longevity and health of your landscaping in the coming years.

Over the harsh Chicago winter, damage can still occur to the various parts of your sprinkler system. A yearly spring checkup can detect any damage before it becomes a problem.

With friendly, fully-licensed and knowledgeable sprinkler technicians, Carefree Lawn Sprinklers Inc., is the trusted choice for sprinkler maintenance in Chicago’s Suburbs.  We guarantee your satisfaction and our work is backed up with over 30 years of experience! Our Spring Start-Up will ensure that your sprinkler system works properly, setting your lawn up for success for the rest of the growing season. Don’t wait until the dry summer months hit Chicago. Start your lawn off on the right foot now and schedule your Spring Start-Up!

What Your Start-Up Includes

1. Booting up your sprinkler controller box and ensuring it works properly

We’ll turn on the box that controls your automatic sprinkler system, making sure that it’s still connected to the power source and ready to go for the season. We will turn on each sprinkler from the controller box to see if it’s working properly.

2. Optimizing each zone in your lawn and landscape

The next step is to make sure each zone in your yard is getting the water it needs. Did you plant new trees or shrubs, or do you have a patch of lawn that needs some extra care? We’ll take a look at your landscaping and adjust the sprinkler system settings accordingly.

3. Taking notes and reporting to you on quality of valves, spray heads and rotors

Even with great sprinkler maintenance, parts can wear out over time and our harsh Chicago winters can start to take a toll on outdoor systems. Throughout the Spring Start-Up process, we’ll take note of anything that looks like it is damaged or worn out and let you know so you can get it repaired or replaced.

4. Adjusting any spray heads and rotors to ensure optimal coverage

We’ll go out in your yard and adjust the sprinkler system if needed. The goal is to make sure your yard is getting enough coverage without spraying your driveway, deck, or passers-by!