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The Importance of Mosquito Spray Services in Chicagoland

Warm, sunny summer days are best spent outside in Chicagoland’s beautiful outdoors. However, one thing can ruin your perfect summer day fast: mosquitoes. It’s important that you treat your outdoor space to prevent swarms of mosquitoes from ruining a good time. Keep reading to learn more about how mosquito spray services in Chicagoland can help you have the best summer yet!

Why Is Mosquito Prevention Important?

Chicagoland is hot, humid, and full of greenery, which is perfect for mosquitoes to thrive in. Mosquitoes are annoying, and even worse, they can spread disease. Mosquito control will help you enjoy your summer without the itchy problem of mosquito bites!

Bug-Free Events

Summer is the perfect time to host outdoor events. Weddings, graduations, sporting events, sales, and more are all held outside during the summer months. Mosquitoes will bite at any time of the day (though they are often more prevalent in the evening), and they thrive in areas near water or in outdoor spaces with any amount of grass or greenery. While you can always use bug spray on yourself, it’s better to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area by treating the location, whether that’s your backyard or an event venue.

Disease Prevention

Part of mosquito prevention is staying safe from dangerous diseases, including West Nile and Yellow Fever. Both West Nile and Yellow Fever can be spread by mosquitoes within the United States, and contracting either disease can result in nasty side effects and symptoms. Spraying your outdoor area is important to fight the bite and avoid any mosquito-related diseases. 

A More Enjoyable Summer

Summer is meant to be enjoyable, but you can't have a good time if you, your friends, family, or customers are constantly battling pesky mosquitoes. Mosquitoes make your space uncomfortable and potentially unsafe. If you want a stress-free, enjoyable summer, then you need to protect your outdoor areas from becoming infested with mosquitoes with our mosquito control. 

What Should You Use to Control Your Pest Problem?

Knowing the importance of mosquito control is only part of the solution. You also need to know how to control your mosquito problem or prevent one from happening in the first place. There are three main ways to control mosquitos:

#1 Bug Spray - Bug spray is a common way to prevent mosquitoes from biting your skin. You will have to reapply bug spray several times throughout the day in order to stop most mosquitoes from biting you. Many people don’t like the smell and the sticky feeling of spraying bug spray on their skin.

#2 Summer-long Mosquito Spray Services - Summer-long mosquito spray services, like the misting services supplied by Chicagoland’s Carefree Systems, will prevent mosquitoes from bothering your outdoor space for the entire summer. A misting device is installed on your property and regularly releases mosquito protection. 

#3 Periodic Mosquito Treatment - If you don’t have the need for a year-round mosquito prevention service, you may consider periodic mosquito treatment for your home or business. We offer a concentrated mist that will protect your area for 28 days at a time.

Treating Customers Like Family

Have A Bug-Free Summer

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your time outdoors. Carefree Systems is here to provide you with a mosquito-free summertime, all season long. Contact our Mosquito Control team today to get started with residential or commercial mosquito prevention in Chicagoland!