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Why You Should Treat Your Pond or Lake With Carefree

Do you have a pond or lake in your commercial or residential area? Ponds and lakes come with a lot of benefits: they’re beautiful, they attract birds and other wildlife, and they are a great focal point for landscaping. However, maintaining a body of water year-round is often a challenge. To preserve the beauty and safety of your water, you need a Carefree treatment. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative water treatment!

Why Treating Your Pond or Lake Is Important

Commercial and residential lakes and ponds can be susceptible to bad bacteria, algae, unpleasant smells, and other problems. Pond treatment in Chicagoland can prevent these issues from happening. We encourage our Carefree Lawn Sprinklers Pond Maintenance Program, which introduces Carefree into your body of water through fountains, sprinklers, or water treatment programs.

How Carefree Helps Keep Your Lake or Pond in Top-Notch Shape

You don’t want your pond or lake to look unpleasant, smell bad, or be unsafe to wildlife and people. It should be an enjoyable place to spend time outdoors. Here are some of the ways Carefree helps.

#1 Improves the Appearance
Water is beautiful when it is clear and glistening in the sun. Unfortunately, sometimes it turns into more of a swamp than a pond. Ponds and lakes are susceptible to color changes and an increase in unwanted plant or bacteria growth depending on the time of year. This can cause brackish water that is green or dark brown, which isn’t pretty! People will immediately notice that the pond isn’t being cared for it is slimy and dirty-looking. This creates a negative impression of your community or business.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Introducing Carefree will add a pleasant blue color as it helps to clear up the algae and weeds that were causing the problem in the first place. This is important for both residential and commercial areas in order to preserve the aesthetics and appearance of your space.

#2 Prevents a Buildup of Algae or Bad Bacteria
Both algae and bad bacteria can harm your body of water, and they can flourish in untreated ponds. Unsafe water conditions or water full of bad bacteria can harm plants and wildlife. Pond treatment in Chicagoland with Carefree can stop algae and bad bacteria from damaging the quality of your water. Preventing buildup of algae and bacteria will also ensure that the pond smells fresh and clean. 

#3 Encourages the Growth of Good Bacteria
Not all types of bacteria are bad. In fact, good bacteria can help with oxygenation and water quality. When you add Carefree, you’re encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria rather than encouraging smelly, unpleasant types of bacteria. Good bacteria is healthy for the water. It controls water quality to keep your pond or lake safe, beautiful, and clean all year. 

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