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The Best Lawn Fertilization Services in Chicagoland

Do you want a lawn that is green and vibrant all throughout the growing season? When your lawn is healthy, your home’s curb appeal will go through the roof and your yard will attract attention for all the right reasons! It just takes a little bit of TLC to get there – and that’s where Carefree Lawn Sprinklers Inc. comes in. Our lawn fertilization services are friendly, professional, and designed to help your lawn thrive.

Carefree Systems team fertilizing areas in Chicagoland

How Your Lawn Benefits from Fertilization

Grow Faster and Eliminate Problem Areas

If you’ve just built a new house or made changes to your landscaping, your grass may be patchy and uneven. That’s normal. Grass takes time to grow. But fertilization provides the nutrients your lawn needs in order to grow more quickly and fill in the spots that are looking rough.

Remain Healthier

A fertilized, healthy lawn can hold its own against drought, winter damage, and other problems. It won’t turn brown at the first sign of under watering, pests, or wear and tear – it’ll remain green and vibrant. While Chicagoland weather can be hard on landscaping, fertilization can really help.

Help With Weed Control

In addition to fertilizing your yard, we will also apply weed control with every fertilizer application. Even crabgrass, creeping charlie and clover’s won’t stand a chance! With proper weed control your yard will continue to grow more quickly and remain healthier over time.

Can Reduce the Need for Irrigation

Irrigation (watering) is always important for a green and healthy lawn, but did you know that proper fertilization can actually help your lawn thrive with less water? When your soil has the right balance of organic matter, it can hold more water, thus saving you money on your water bill.  

Lawn fertilization is more successful when you know what types of fertilizer to apply and when. It depends on the time of year, the type of grass you have, how fertile the soil already is, and much more. The right type of fertilization can save you money and vastly improve the health of your grass. Luckily for your lawn, we can take a look to figure out exactly what it needs. Our team of lawn care experts can provide the very best lawn fertilization services to help it thrive

Carefree Systems team fertilizing areas in Chicagoland

Leave It to the Lawn Experts at Carefree Lawn Sprinklers Inc.

For the ultimate convenience and quality in lawn care, turn to Carefree Lawn Sprinklers Inc. We help lawns throughout the Chicagoland Suburbs look their absolute best. In addition to lawn fertilization, we also provide sprinkler installation and maintenance, lawn aeration, outdoor lighting installation and more! As experts with 30+ years of lawn care experience, we’re the trusted choice for hundreds of loyal customers. We aren’t satisfied until you are, which is why we offer a 14-Day Standard Service Guarantee for all our lawn fertilization services. We’re always here to answer your questions and help you out with our fast and friendly service. Get in touch with us today to schedule your lawn fertilization!