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Meet The Office Crew

Ashley K

Executive Assistant


Megan B

Office Team Member


Jennifer B

Office Manager / Accountant


Linda  M

Office Team Member

Kathy S

Office Team Member

Ashley P

Commercial Service Coordinator

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Meet The Working Crew

Josh P - Operations Manager

Josh P

Operations Manager

Patrick C - Residential Salesman.JPG

Patrick C

Residential Sales

Ryan M - Plumber

Ryan M


Jamie - Assistant.JPG



Lalo - Pool Crew.JPG


Pool Crew

David C - Service Tech.JPG

David C

Service Tech

Service Tech 2.JPG


Service Tech

Service Tech.JPG


Service Tech

Pat P - Head of Commercial Division

Pat P

Head of Commercial Division

Lenny P - Bug Guy.JPG

Lenny S

Mosquito Solutions Manager

Martin - Commercial Service Assistant.JPG

Martin V

Commercial Service Assistant

Pat P - Commercial Sales.JPG

Martin O


Bob G - Sercvice Tech.JPG

Bob G

Service Tech

Larry M - Service Tech.JPG

Larry M

Service Tech

Tito - Service Tech.JPG


Service Tech

Tim S - Service Tech.JPG

Tim S

Service Tech

Andrew M - Head of Fertilizer

Andrew M

Lawn Care Manager

Nick F - Residential Sales Assistant.JPG

Nick F

Residential Sales Assistant

Robert M - Fertilizer.JPG

Robert M

Assistant Lawn Care Manager

Nick S - Bug Divison.JPG

Nick S

Bug Division

Brian S - Service Tech.JPG

Brian S

Service Tech

Randy M - Service Tech.JPG

Randy M

Service Tech

Vince - Servic Tech.JPG


Service Tech