The Importance of Mosquito Control

We offer a few different options for mosquito control. We have our Carefree misting systems, which offer continuous protection all season long, with no effort. And the ability to be monitored 24/7 via a smart phone app.

We also provide "barrier sprays" they are a lower cost option, still with great coverage. We spray a concentrated mist around your property which creates a barrier that's lasts up to 28 days to protect you from annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitoes. They are available as a one time service, or we have multiple package deals.

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What Happens If You Don't Invest In Mosquito Control

There are many diseases transmitted by mosquito bites such as: West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever. Taking preventative care is key to protecting you, your family and pets. Also, you can't use and enjoy your amazing backyard due to the bugs!

How Carefree Can Help

Call us to discuss our options that best suits you and your property. 

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