What is Fertilization?

Lawn fertilizers help provide essential nutrients in the soil. Your lawn needs fertilizer as much as it needs sunshine and water. Your plants will grow faster and healthier. Fertilizer is cost effective and protects from pests, weather, and other foes.

Importnace of Lawn Fertilizing

Providing proper nourishment to your lawn is key to it performing well. Fertilizing your lawn is similar to taking a multi-vitamin for your body. The slow release of the formula is going to help your lawn be healthy and loving.

Your Neighbors Lawn Is Carefree, Shouldn't Yours Be?

When it comes to maintaining your lawns care, make sure to contact our professional team. We have been working on lawns for over 30 years and our customers trust us (read our 150 5 star reviews on Google). Carefree recommends fertilization in the Spring, Early Summer, Mid-Summer, Early Fall and Winter. We also believe in Grub Control in the Summer.

Weed Control will be applied at every application (advanced weed control for toughest weeds like Clovers, Creeping Charlie's and Crabgrass).

We offer full service guarantee ( 14 Day Standard Service Guarantee). 

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